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Tour Length – 5 hours

This PEI Tasting Tour covers all PEI Distilleries in one package. I
have highlighted several destinations that are en route to our
itinerary stops on the MAP, but they are not part of the tour
itinerary. We are happy to stop at any and all. BUT, as time
waits for no man, every extra stop takes from the next PEI Winery Tour destination.

There are many more PEI destinations and attractions and if
you click on the MAP and scroll in and follow the route you can see most!

Your Private Distillery Tour departs Charlottetown for the shortest drive ever to see the PEI Lavender Lady. This is a unique stop in that this distillery does not produce beverage. Island Lavender Distillery offers quality all-natural lavender products that benefit the mind, body, and soul. Lavender essential oil is a known effective treatment for insomnia, depression, and anxiety. It’s time to take back control of your life and add a little relaxation, peace, and happiness. You’re worth it!

We care about you and your health so …… “Let’s Face It Together

Let us leave Charlottetown and point our Tasting Tour due North West to  Deep Roots Distillery. This is a family-run, small-batch, craft distillery located in Warren Grove, Prince Edward Island. The distillery took root in 1990 with their first 200 apple trees. By 1995 there were two acres of trees and they opened a u-pick. In 2005 the transition to certified organic was complete.

While the orchard had always operated as a hobby farm, in 2012 the idea of operating a distillery and by July 2014 Deep Roots released their flagship Island Tide spirit. From there we crafted our popular Maple Liqueur using pure syrup from our son Greg’s maple grove as well as syrup from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Deep Roots now has 8 delicious Island-made products to share with you. We were awarded 2 medals by Artisan Distillers Canada for their 2019 Canadian Artisan Spirit competition. Our newest addition, Absinthe, won a gold medal and best in class! We are very proud of these accomplishments and will use this momentum to carry us toward new and exciting creations.

From roots to bottle, we hope you enjoy their spirits and liqueurs as
much as we do!

Your Private Distillery Tasting Tour says goodbye to the Deep Roots Distillery. The tours next stop is Myriad View Artesian Distillery and will take nearly an hour, however there are many bucolic farms, villages, scenic vistas and destinations along the way that make this a very scenic ride.  We pass The Berry Patch, amazing Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. This is a fast but worthy stop. Don’t wear white. Next we pass Historic Village Mount Stewart, and conveniently 30 seconds up the road is Bishop MacEachern’s Crypt. We cross two prolific Salmon rivers,, The Midgell and The Morell, pass through Historic Villages Morell and St. Peters. There are several dining opportunities, on the way or return including Ricks Fish & Chips, a personal favorite of ours.

Upon your Distillery Tour’s arrival at Myriad View Artesian Distillery , the tours final destination, you will see a commanding view of the Northumberland Strait. Myriad is PEI’s first artisan distillery. They produce spirits unique to The Island and the industry. Islanders have made illegal moonshine throughout our history. Tour the distillery and witness the unique process as Shine is collected straight from the still. Enjoy. On-site sales and tastings of the entire Straight Line: Shine, Lighting, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whisky and Pastis.

Your Distillery Tour will take a different route back to Charlottetown to keep things fresh

We can alter the order of this if it serves due to conflicting opening times of the facilities. We will confirm after deposit is placed and before your arrival!

Please review our maps;

Charlottetown Restaurants handy to the Cruise Ship Terminal

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PEI Winery Tours wants all clients to be aware that some facilities will be unavailable at certain times of the year or have curtailed their hours to meet seasonal demands such as harvest, planting and more. This is unavoidable but normal. On the plus side it will leave time for a longer stay at another facility or for a different destination in its place.

Thank you for your understanding.

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