PEI Winery Tours Do’s and Don’ts

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First the Dos

DO ask questions

If you’re not sure about a wine or want to know the background, don’t be afraid to ask the host or the person pouring. A good wine tasting host will be approachable and informative and giving a wine some context can help you to appreciate it more. The host is there to help you and guide you through your tasting. It’s their job to know everything about the wines they’re serving, so make the most of their presence. There are no stupid questions. Just because a lot of us have been drinking wine for years, it doesn’t mean we suddenly know everything about it! 

DO cleanse your palate

If there is water on offer, take a sip between tastings and use it to swill your glass. Usually you’ll be offered crackers or other nibbles during your tasting. Don’t go too crazy, it’s not a substitute for lunch. It’s there to help you cleanse your palate and get you ready for your next wine. 

Do spit

Wine tastings are dangerous places for the uninitiated! Of course, you can swallow if you want to, but do this towards to end or you’ll end up horribly drunk and not remembering anything. You’ll learn a lot more and your head will thank you in the morning. It’s very hard to keep tabs on how much you’ve consumed at these events, especially the walkaround ones.

And now for the Don’ts. Don’t tense up, these will also assist in your successful winery tour

DON’T be afraid to give your opinion

This will be your mantra, please repeat until comfortable; There is no right or wrong answer in wine tasting; it’s totally subjective. Share your thoughts and opinions with other guests. If your host asks you what wine you like, tell them. That way they can help match your taste with the similar wines. 

DON’T knock it back

There’s more to wine tasting that drinking. Remember these 4 easy steps:

1) Look – check out the color and clarity. Be more specific than red and white – what kind of red is it? Maroon, purple, ruby, or even brown? Is it;

  • watery
  • dark,
  • cloudy
  • clear?

2) Swirl – When you swirl, the more droplets of wine that cling to the inside of the glass indicate a higher alcohol content. Take this opportunity to have a quick sniff of your wine to form a first impression.

3) Smell – now bring the glass up to your nose for a second impression and take in the aroma.

  • Is it a dark black fruit?
  • Crunchy red fruit? 
  • Ask yourself what it isn’t. That will help too.

4) Sip and Savor – finally it’s time to taste. Sip, don’t gulp, and let it roll around your mouth. A lot of wine tasting is in the texture, which you will miss if you swallow it too quickly. Breathe out and see how long the flavor lasts. If it disappears, it has a short finish. if it lingers, it has a long finish. A long finish is generally a sign of quality.

DON’T wear perfume or aftershave

Nothing says amateur like turning up at a wine tasting with very strong perfume. It affects those around you a lot more as you will have got used to your own aroma, but it makes it very hard for people near you to taste. Avoid at all costs but bring some in your bag for afterwards if you feel naked without it!

DON’T hold the bowl

Always hold your glass by the stem, not the bowl. Not only will you get grubby fingerprints on the glass, but you’ll also affect the temperature of the wine which will impinge on your tasting ability.

It’s also another sure-fire way to annoy those wine snobs lol.

DON’T go on an empty stomach

It’s always advisable to have something to eat before a wine tasting, even if you aren’t swallowing. All those small sips can quickly add up and you can end up consuming more than you think.

DON’T wear a white shirt

Believe us, it’s not worth it.

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