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Deep Roots Distillery

2100 North York River Road
Route 248,
Warren Grove, PE
C0A 1H5


Deep Roots Distillery is an award winning, small-batch craft distillery. We use only the best locally sourced ingredients to create our unique spirits and liqueurs
We are owned and operated by the same deep rooted, hard working family that has been nurturing Prince Edward Island soil for years. As skilled, dedicated farmers we know the value of quality ingredients. Above all, we have committed ourselves to capturing the rich, flavourful spirit of the Island into every bottle.
Visit us today to pick up some of these amazing products or join us for a guided tour and tasting. And while you’re here, you can roam the orchards and take in some of the beautiful scenery.

The Myriad View Artisan Distillery Inc.

1336 Route 2
Rollo Bay
Prince Edward Island
C0A 2B0

For a quicker response call during regular business hours.
Tel: 1 902 687 1281
Fax: 1 902 687 1546

Although Shine was the original inspiration behind the birth of our company we are also proud to be PEI’s first and only producers of a full range of artisan distilled spirits namely Strait Shine®, Lightning, Vodka, Gin, Rums, Whisky, Brandy and Pastis.
In a mass market dominated by corporate conformity we aim to stand out from the crowd. Every aspect of the Myriad View demonstrates our commitment to individuality, quality and affordability of our products.
Although we can’t claim to be the first makers of Shine on the island, we do claim we are the best (and legal too).
We are also home to The Rollo Bay Bootleggers, our young vineyard which produces the grapes used solely in the production in our VSOP Brandy.
Situated overlooking the Northumberland Strait, it is the beautiful and ever-changing myriad view of nature’s moods that inspired our name “The Myriad View”. Each mood unique like our spirits.

Island Lavender Distillery

100 Belvedere Ave
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 8C4
(902) 213-9344

Prince Edward Island’s own growers and distillers of quality 100 % pure therapeutic grade lavender essential oil.
Lavender essential oil is a known effective treatment for insomnia, depression, and anxiety. We care about you and your health so …… “Let’s Face It Together Naturally”

Health and Beauty

We offer quality all natural lavender products that benefit the mind, body, and soul. It’s time to take back control of your life and add a little relaxation, peace, and happiness.
 You’re worth it!

Double Hill Cidery

Box 1043
Montague, PE C0A 1R0

Cider made from wild apples in Caledonia, Prince Edward Island

Sebastian Manago is the founder and principal of Double Hill. Going to school in Paris, he fell in love with French Cider. His aim is to create a true terroir cider from Prince Edward Island, a cider that reflects the characteristics of the soil, the unique genetics of the trees and the not too heavy hand of the cider maker.  The Double Hill Nomad Cider is made exclusively from wild apples, collected from the hedgerows and the forest edges of the fields of eastern PEI. Their unique tastes form the structure of the Nomad cider.

Our Wild Apple Cider

From the mountains of Central Asia, wild apples spread to every corner of the world, first domesticated in Eurasia, then crossing the Atlantic in the pockets of the first settlers. There, they escaped again into the wild, each tree carrying its own genetic universe. These Nomads can be found everywhere, In the hedgerows, ditches, sand dunes and forest edges of Prince Edward Island. Their astonishing flavours range from bitter to sharp to spicy to sweet.

Each bottle of Double Hill Nomad captures the aromas from hundreds of wild trees and each vintage offers a different expression of their unique nature.

It ferments slowly and ages at cold temperatures without the use of sulfites. 

Cider is best served chilled and paired with the great products from Island waters: Oysters, Lobster, Mussels or any other seafood and white meats.

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