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Tour Length – 6 hours

Your PEI Private Winery, Brewery, & Distillery Tour departs Charlottetown and heads East crossing the Hillsborough River, one of three rivers that empties into Charlottetown Harbour. But only the Hillsborough River is a Heritage River, one of two on PEI. We travel on the Trans-Canada Highway, on our right Stratford gives way to the countryside. We will see, beyond farms and fields, the Northumberland Strait on our right and farms, fields and woods on left. We will head due North on Rte. 3 passing StJoachim’s Roman Catholic Church. One of only a several brick churches on PEI.   

Heading East on Rte. 24, through some of the hilliest and mainly uninhabited stretches of Eastern PEI. Thick woods with occasional breaks for farmland views as well as Fish Hatcheries, private fishing lakes, and lots of countryside. Watch for Fox, Coywolves, Raptors from American Kestrels to Great Horned Owls, and Bald Eagles.

Rte. 24 turns to Rte.4 as we cruise through the picturesque fishing village of Murray River. A small harbor with lobster boats and wharves. The smell of saltwater will fire you up as we approach White Sands Road. Across the Strait Nova Scotia can be seen on a clear day, and we are minutes from Rossignol Winery.

Rossignol Winery produces about 50,000 bottles of wine a year and employs roughly 12 employees at peak operation. Their wines, made from seven cold climate varieties of grapes grown over 15 acres of winery property and from fruits like strawberries, apples, blueberries and raspberries grown by local farmers, are certainly passing the tasty test. Blackberry Mead, Rossignol’s signature wine that “started as an experiment’’, has captured a gold medal five years straight at the All Canadian Wine Championships.

Your tour party departs Rossignol for Newman Estates Winery. Newman Estates Winery’s sandy soil is unique to that area of PEI and together with our southern slope makes it an ideal location for growing ideal grapes.

All of our Newman Estate wines are made with 100% Prince Edward Island grapes, Estate grown, on our vineyard in Gladstone Prince Edward Island.  Our wines are only available at our boutique winery due to our small batches. However, that only adds to an already truly unique wine experience. 

Your Winery Tour will take a 20-minute drive from Newman Estates to Copper Bottom Brewing Kings County, PEI’s first craft brewery and taproom. Featuring great beer and world class entertainment year-round, Copper Bottom acts as a community hub for locals & friends to come together for a cold pint overlooking the beautiful Montague River.

Our tour departs Copper Bottom Brewery for Myriad View Artesian Distillery will take A ½ hour, however there are many bucolic farms, villages and scenic vistas along the way.

OR Bogside Brewing, recent winners of six Atlantic Canadian Beer Awards you’ll be sure to find something you like that keeps you coming back for more.

Our tour departs Copper Bottom Brewery for Myriad View Artesian Distillery will take A ½ hour, however there are many bucolic farms, villages and scenic vistas along the way.

Myriad View Artesian Distilleryis PEI’s first artisan distillery. They produce spirits unique to The Island and the industry. Islanders have made illegal moonshine throughout our history. Tour the distillery and witness the unique process as Shine is collected straight from the still. Enjoy. On-site sales and tastings of the entire Straight Line: Shine, Lighting, Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whisky and Pastis.

As we end our PEI Winery, Brewery and Distillery Tour and head back to Charlottetown we pass a number of destinations and dining opportunities including Ricks Fish & Chips, a personal favorite of ours. Continuing West along Rte. 2 we cross two prolific Salmon rivers, The Midgell and The Morell, pass Bishop MacEachern’s Crypt and the Historic Village of Mount Stewart. A fun stop is The Berry Patch, amazing Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries. This is a fast but worthy stop. Don’t wear white.

We conclude your tour with a 20-minute drive back to Charlottetown with a drive through Victoria Park where we will see, and if there’s time to stop we can stop, at FanningbankBeaconsfield Historic House and All Souls Chapel to take a boo. We will drop at the Charlottetown Cruise Ship Terminal or wherever you direct us.

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PEI Winery Tours wants all clients to be aware that some facilities will be unavailable at certain times of the year or have curtailed their hours to meet seasonal demands such as harvest, planting and more. This is unavoidable but normal. On the plus side it will leave time for a longer stay at another facility or for a different destination in its place.

Thank you for your understanding.

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