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Hello and Welcome to PEI Winery Tours. We are a Branded Segment of PEI Shore Excursions, a Private Tour & Sightseeing Tour Company specializing in Cruise Ship Visitors and Maritime Luxury Limousine.

Maritime Luxury Limousines owner David Gibler brought his experience in the Livery Industry from NY/NJ when he moved to PEI in 1999. “If there’s a more demanding market than the NY/NJ Limousine Market, I don’t want to know about it!” VIP’s, Celebrities, HIGH/low Profile, have worked with several security agencies with agents in and following, Federal Gov’t Personnel, and the basic airport transfers, weddings and proms. We have been providing quality tours and transportation on PEI since 1999.  

 When Maritime Luxury Limousine was still in its first year, we began offering tours to the 15 or so cruise ships that visited annually, the largest of which was 1,200 passengers. Most were far smaller. As the years clicked by the “wharf” became The Charlottetown Cruise Ship Terminal and order was brought to an increasingly busy Charlottetown Port. We are licensed by the Charlottetown Port Authority as well as a Tour Guide Certification or CTP, Certified Tour Professional, in answer to a mandate that all who solicit tours at The Charlottetown Cruise Ship Terminal are certified by a nationally accredited institution. The Authority has grown and so has the number of cruise ships that dock for ½ day visits, some with passenger loads in the excess of 3,000 and on some days we have four ships in Charlottetown Harbour on the same day.

PEI Winery Tours was started in 2019 in response to the growing number of requests for dedicated PEI Winery, Distillery & Craft Brewery Tasting Tours. With the quality Wineries, Vineyards, Distilleries, Orchards, Cideries and Craft Breweries currently on Prince Edward Island, it’s high time for a company to offer private sightseeing tours to one & all of them. In addition to Wineries & Vineyards we even have a Cidery making Hard Cider, and a distillery that produces not beverage, but quality all-natural lavender products that benefit the mind, body, and soul.

 So, PEI Winery Tasting Tours created 12 distinct tours; Currently we offer;

  • One Distillery Tour
  • Three Winery & Vineyard Tours
  • Four Craft Brewery Tours and
  • Four Blended Tours featuring a good mix of all three of our Private Sight Seeing Tour categories.

 We offer custom Winery Tours as well. Just email your choices, and date and time you’d like to have your tour and I will furnish an accurate quote on the itinerary submitted.

  If you want an experience, then seek the experienced. The experience in Limousine Service and Private Sightseeing Tours gives us a big edge in delivering fun and satisfying private tours. Book your stagette, birthday, retirement or just because Winery, Brewery and Distillery tour with PEI Winery, Distillery and Craft Brewery Tasting Tours! We look forward to serving you.


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